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The Department of Counseling and School Psychology at SDSU is seeking a colleague to join us in the School Counseling Program.

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The Center for Excellence in School Counseling and Leadership (CESCaL)

The Center’s mission is to promote excellence in the field of school counseling and to assist school counselors, their site and central office administrators as they design, implement and evaluate their school counseling programs.

CESCaL's Goals:

  1. Assist school counselors and administrators seeking to improve effective practice within the profession of school counseling.
  2. Provide training and consultation from state and national leaders with experience in implementing evidence-based practices and the ASCA National Model®.
  3. Assist graduate students and school counselor educators working to design, develop, implement, and evaluate evidence-based school counseling programs and activities.
  4. Support and collaborate with national organizations devoted to promoting excellence in school counseling.
  5. Provide graduate students and practitioners opportunities to submit artifacts for feedback, approval and dissemination (Create! Consult! Contribute!).
  6. Consult with leaders in school counseling and administration as they implement state school counseling guidelines, federal grants, state legislation, current school counselor reform movements and the ASCA National Model®.
  7. Provide opportunities for school counselor educators, educational leadership training programs and state department leaders to address critical issues in the profession of school counseling.
  8. Deepen understanding of the factors that impede operational efficiency, institutional legitimacy and/or political social capital within the profession of school counseling.
  9. Disseminate exemplars as a service to graduate students, school counselors, counselor educators, and administrators.
  10. Through Supporting Students ~ Saving Lives, a division of CESCaL, provide national conferences, training opportunities, consultation and support for educators seeking knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to advocate for LGBTQIA youth.