California School Counseling Historical Timeline

As an outgrowth of the White House convening and as follow through to the many commitments made by CESCaL to the Presidents College Opportunity Agenda, CESCaL has dedicated one page of this website to the work in California. As shared at the convening and in the Post Convening Report, the stats of school counseling in California is of great concern and importance. Many of the issues facing California are present in other states. One area of importance is the collection of and dissemination of historical documents charting the course of history for our great state within the profession. Another area of interest is current work drawn from and in relationship to the White House College Opportunity Agenda and the First Lady's Reach Higher Initiative. Stay tuned for more documents. We look forward to your feedback.

White House Convening

The latest news and information on documents.

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California History

The archive of the counseling history of the state of California.

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